Importance Of Paraphrasing

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Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is very similar to a summary, but instead of shortening what an author has said, a paraphrase is reworded. When paraphrasing, credit should always be given or it could be considered plagiarized. It is both a writing and reading strategy because it requires both of these. People need to read a piece of writing, then interpret and rewrite the author’s ideas. Paraphrasing is very useful when it comes to writing about a topic because it is saying something in a way that makes sense and is written to a particular audience.

Double-Entry Journal: A double entry journal is used to write either summaries, quotes, or paraphrase then it is required to reflect or connect to the text. The text part of the double entry journal is to write things that the reader will later remember or things that the author wants the reader to know. The reflect or connect part of the DEJ are the reader’s thoughts about it or connections to what they have learned or to their life. A DEJ is an important reading strategy to do because it could be used to understand the readings more.

Free Write: A Free write is a very common writing strategy used in English 5A. This is writing about a topic given in a certain amount of time not thinking about essay structure or
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Genre is a type, kind, or category. Some genres of writing are: reflection, academic, informational/informative, personal, or pointed summaries. Genre is useful when deciding what type of writing genre it is and this could attract certain type of readers. Genre helps differentiate categories of writings, films, music, etc. In writing all of these genres require different information or a different way to write it. For example, when I wrote a reflection essay and a pointed summary type of essay they were written very differently. One required both information and personal views, while the other required pointed summaries throughout the
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