Importance Of Nationalism And Unity

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Nationalism and Unity: Why and How It Gained Popularity in Europe
The strength of nationalism in Europe in 19th century can be linked to various developments of the period, but one important sentiment that lies in the core of nationalism is unity, a concept that was supported by cultural, economic and social developments in and before that period. However, the rise of nationalism, even though it had built on a sense of unity, was not devoid of a competition with other identities, especially gender, due to its evolution.
Both the French Revolution of 1789 and the enactment of the Napoleonic Code in 1804 had lasting effects on European civilization. The discouragement of languages other than French, the removal of existing privileges and introduction of a common law (Britannica), a centralized administrative system (Greer, Lewis, 469) were all developments that were expected to foster a sense of unity among its citizens. Since the French Empire had achieved immense territorial and political power in Europe until 1812, its political and cultural codes mentioned above affected European n...

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