Importance Of Junior Achievement Field Experience

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“I was born to learn!” This was Mrs.Tolis Bond’s Kindergarten class’ motto that they would repeat throughout the day. I was lucky to be paired with the teacher of the year as well as the teacher who was this year’s “Life Changer Award” winner. I was the junior achievement volunteer to a Northwest Elementary kindergarten class in Murray County. I only had eleven students: five boys and six girls. Most were Caucasian students, and one Hispanic boy. Three of the students were occasionally taken out of the class for additional help. One of whom, was being tested for autism. Additionally, one boy was being tested for the gifted program. Altogether, all the students were very eager to learn. The school was very small and located deep into the country. Most students were on free or reduced lunches. I taught five lessons all together, in the JA Ourselves program. The first lesson was-THIS OR THAT? MAKE A CHOICE. The students were asked to identify their own personal interests and consider the facts that determine personal choices. We also defined money. I showed the class “This or That” picture cards, and they would choose between two different things. “Will you eat this orange or that banana for breakfast?” They also learned…show more content…
In the beginning, I was very nervous, but each time I visited I became more and more confident. I believe the educational learning theories that we have discussed this semester helped me throughout my lessons. We would discuss something in class, and the next day I would be able to see it in use while I was teaching my lesson. I believe I have improved greatly from the beginning of my lessons. The theories have opened my eyes on how a student can learn, or even how to define learning and intelligence. The five different lessons, were perceived very well with my Kindergarten class, and I believe with my knowledge of the learning theories, my students

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