Importance Of Co-Curricular Activities

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Participating in co-curricular activities is a good way for a student to get his/her foot in the door with potential employers and assist in learning what is being taught in school. Co-curricular are activities, learning experiences, and programs that complements what the student is learning is school. So this could include anything from joining an engineering club to getting an internship. A “world-class” student would take advantage of having as many experiences as they can under their belt, but not only because it looks good on their resume. These activities can also help a student learn and gather new engineering experiences that might open some new doors for the future for them. I, personally, have no participated in any co-curricular…show more content…
As a “world-class” student you should be have strong morals that are important to you and stick with it regardless of the situation. Having good morals and applying them to your daily life may seem like a simple task, but someday someone may ask you to compromise. It is important not to compromise your beliefs and morals for the benefit of another person. I am a very hard-headed person and I work hard for what I know is right. If a situation comes up and I do not agree with the decision I will fight for what I believe is right in the most professional manner. I am more than willing to compromise with people to an extent, but with my morals there is not a chance of that happening. It is important to keep an open mind to other’s opinions, but I was raised with certain morals/beliefs that I have always stuck to. To make myself more of a “world-class” student I believe I could still work on this by writing down my morals. Figuring out what exactly is important to me and why they really are. I have always had morals, but I have never really decided fully why they are important to me. I think it is important to not only have morals, but to have a valid reason to back why you believe that. It is just like any other situation-you are better off having evidence to support your decision. Campus
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