Importance Of Arranged Marriage

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Free arrange marriage key to successful life Relationship are the most important part of our life. And choosing someone as a life partner is even more important, because he or she is going to be a part of our family. Some people suggest that arrange marriage that has lots of influence of parent rather than the couple can lead to a successful marriage. However, I would strongly believe that most of the time arrange marriage wouldn't end up happily ever after. Free arrange marriage or couple that are free to choose their partner is the best, because this can make couples understands each other better, responsible for their life and decision, and bring trust and respect in relationship.

In my opinion,
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Choosing someone as a life partner is everyone independent choice not imposed relationship by others. If someone is forced to a relationship or been chosen by parents would cause lots of problem such as: escaping from responsibilities, and pressure to fulfill each other demands. In free arrange marriage the couple makes decision to live together, they are not being forced to the relationship. This would lead the marriage to a successful pattern, which each try hard to understand their responsibilities and work eagerly to fulfill their goals and demands. There would be not blaming others if the couple faced problems in their life because they make the decision and they are completely responsible for their…show more content…
As an example: the families of the couple who are choosing their partner doesn't involve their parent selection and satisfaction. However, we cannot deny the fact that parent always wants their children to be happy. Before the couple get married they always ask their parent opinion, and it would mean lots to their parents for being at least a small part of their children personal life. This can bring respect to their children decision and more strong ties between parent and their children. So families will be happy as longer the couple are happy with their relationship. Forcing their child to arrange marriage that they are not aware not just lead to a disaster and failure of the marriage, but it will also bring distance between parent and children
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