Impeachment of Bill Clinton

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President Bill Clinton began an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, in 1995. Later in 1998, when confronted with questions in regards to an affair with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton lied under oath in front of a grand jury. This, however, was not his first lapse in judgment as viewed by the Senate and Congress. The President and his wife, Hillary, found themselves involved in the Whitewater scandal beginning in 1978. In addition, during his campaign, Clinton was accused of draft dodging and rumors were spread in regards to his possible marriage infidelity. President Bill Clinton continued to find himself caught in the middle of scandals involving: Whitewater, Paula Jones, and most notably, Monica Lewinsky. The way Clinton handled and failed to handle these scandals justify grounds for his impeachment and removal from office.

In 1978, Bill Clinton and his wife collaborated with their friends James and Susan McDougal to purchase some 220 acres of land from the Whitewater Development Corporation (The History Place). Their plan was to sell lots for vacation getaways, however, this plan failed miserably. In 1982, federal regulators began questioning the business dealings involved with Whitewater. Shortly after Bill Clinton began his first term as president in 1993, the White House replaced seven employees in the travel office with several of Clinton’s confidants. This sparked a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigation of the office. Attorney General Janet Reno appointed former United States (U.S.) attorney Robert B. Fiske Jr. as special counsel to investigate the Clintons’ involvement in Whitewater. In 1994, the House and Senate Banking committees began hearings on Whitewater. This fraudulent landholding scanda...

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