Impact of the Industrialization Era (Great Britain and United States)

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The industrialization era is one of the most important and wonderful events that have occurred in the past 400 years. Industrialization has had an over all ripple effect upon the world. “Industrialization led to a better quality of life for most people” (Beck, 723). While it may seem to some that Industrialization only impacted Great Britain, it is actually true that industrialization many characteristics and consequences that had a worldwide impact. Industrialization had its up’s and down’s such as economic prosperity, jobs, and innovation. On the downside, unhealthy working conditions, pollution, and child labor issues. In a matter of time, Great Britain was the first to go through the Industrialization phase. “The pace of Industrialization accelerated rapidly”. (Beck, 723) Industrialization had eventually spread to the United States. These two nations have many things in common in regards of the process and impacts of this era. Both nations had natural resources such as large bodies of water, new inventions, rivers, coal deposits, iron ore, and many laborers (Beck, 729)...
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