Impact Of Globalization On The World Cup

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Large-scale events such as the FIFA World Cup are shown as a perfect illustration of globalisation and ever since the first world cup in 1930, the tournament has altered significantly. The World Cup as an organization is an influence for worldwide wholesome for some reasons that are the tournament brings together the nations. The organization FIFA has over 200 nationwide football associations affiliated to it that contend in the numerous contests it organizes. For people to comprehend the effect of globalisation and the impact it has taken on the world cup, it is a necessity to see the development of the tournament from the very first world cup to the recent Brazil 2014 finals. FIFA was created as initially as 1904 but it took almost 30 years…show more content…
As such doubters of globalisation would debate that there would be larger financial division between the poor and the rich. That the money used for showing international mega-events would be better spent on social services or creating a better community in poorer areas. Some say that the money used for the events should be used for the better of the nation instead of using it for build stadiums or other advertisement. Several queries about if it is a level-playing field between nations. Furthermore if all countries have the similar kind of resources or income to allow their athletics to perform they’re greatest by training and preparing them for the sports and medal tally. There are several exploitation of work when these mega events happen in the country that is the host, relying on cheap labour of service class which make the people in poorer communities work harder to match globalisation. However there are the supporters of globalisation that are back up the international integration which allow economic development for poorer communities such as new jobs in service economy, international labour that allows individuals to move to different countries to work and also government investment in facilities which would benefit the communities. The mega-events are also showcasing the sport to the whole wide world which is the cause of promotion that will attracted tourist and people who would love to visit the country hosting the
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