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Illegal immigration is a prevalent subject of talk all over television and in conversations. Mainly, the one immigration that many talk about is concerning Mexico and the United States of America. Every day, illegal immigrants are increasingly coming into America. Some critics are crying out for a crackdown on illegal immigration while others are saying to leave the immigrants alone and help them to become citizens. However, immigration brings numerous problems that far out way the good it brings. Immigration limits job openings, endangers the lives of others, and takes away money from the government. America today is a prospering nation and many want to experience the so called “American Dream”. But to become a citizen is a hard task, one that many would like to bypass. Hence, many try to get into America through ill means, crossing the border that separates America and Mexico illegally. As more come through, many look for jobs that many will not do or jobs that they will do for cheaper payment. American’s have a high standard of living that requires the type of payment from emplo...

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