Illegal Immigrants Research Paper

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Should Illegal Immigrants Be Made Legal Citizens? As of 2013, eleven million immigrants are living in the United States of America (Immigration); however, their reasons for coming to America vary. Abuse by the government, poverty, and drug crimes are all reasons illegal immigrants come to America. Illegal immigrants travel to America to achieve their dreams because in their native countries all these problems make it hard for them to achieve their dreams. Illegal immigrants want to be accepted here in the US so they can achieve their dreams just like Americans can achieve theirs. Immigrants who migrated over to the United States have spent years building a decent life here and deserve citizenship and most importantly, respect. Illegal immigrants do many necessary jobs in America that are undesirable to most Americans. Farm working, fruit picking, construction work, private babysitting, dish washing, and packing meat are many jobs that Americans don’t like to fulfill these jobs. In a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal newspaper “44 out of 46 economists believed that illegal immigration to the United States was beneficial to the American economy.”(Immigration by the Numbers) According to recent studies, eighteen percent of illegal immigrants are construction workers, seventeen percent work in hotels and restaurants, sixteen percent are in manufacturing, six percent clean and do landscaping, and three percent of the illegal immigrants are working in agriculture (The Shifting); however, Americans believe that immigrants are working mainly in agriculture. Andrew Sum, an economist and the director of labor market studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts argued that if it weren’t for illegal immigrants, th... ... middle of paper ... ...s when immigrants are doing them a favor. Immigration lawyer Greg Siskind stated “if all these illegal immigrants disappeared from this country, the economy would collapse.” (Immigration Lawyer) Studies show that illegal immigrants help the U.S. economy grow by having cheap labor, while other studies show that illegal workers increase competition for low-skilled jobs. Illegal immigrants come to America and expect respect from Americans because illegal immigrants know that they are benefitting the economy just by working in a field or for a person who doesn’t care about where they come from. Considering the statistics, it would be a very grand idea for America to give citizenship and freedom to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants will continue to benefit the economy, whether they are legal or not, they know they are and will make a bigger difference in America.
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