I'm Going to College

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I'm Going to College

Neither my grandmother, nor any of my great aunts, went on to college. It was too expensive for their family. My great Aunt Nancy, however, did try to take night classes at the University Extension, which was held at her high school. Unfortunately, she was unable to continue paying for these classes, so she left the University Extension program with only twelve credits earned. Aunt Nancy just continued to work at the job she acquired, right out of high school, and work her way up through the ranks at this job. There was no push by her parents to continue her education, and therefore, there was no pressure on her to attend college. Aunt Nancy had once told me, "There is great value in a college education, for career purpose. It is so necessary now, where as years ago it was not as essential." She also explained to me that college can help to build better social skills, which will be used in everyday life.

Now that Aunt Nancy is retired, she reads a lot. When she was younger, her mother only took her to the city library three times a year to get books to read. So, as a child she did not read as much as she reads now. While in school, she only preformed the necessary reading and writing that was required. Now, she reads the newspaper, books, or a magazine almost everyday.

My mother, on the other hand, did attend college. Actually, she has attended college twice now. The first time she went, she gained a degree as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Later in life, she went back to college and attained her accounting degree. My mother decided that she was not happy as a Medical Technician, so she wanted to go back to school to learn of what fields would interest her...

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...of reading to your children. He explained that as long as you read to your child, or as long as they are reading to themselves, it would increase your child's comprehension skills. At this point in time, I no longer enjoyed having my mother read to me, but I was reading books to myself so I was still learning and establishing the proper skills gained through reading and writing.

Books and an education seem to be important to everyone, no matter how old or young. I have learned many things both in school and just by reading. Obviously, books and schooling can have the same effect on others. College is a time to grow, both intellectually and socially. I strongly encourage future generations to attend college and get a good education throughout life. It will prove to be extremely beneficial, and you will learn a lot about yourself in the process.
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