Hoops and Dreams

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Hoops and Dreams

Sarah Hughs, Landon Donovan, and Venus Williams, are three of the most recognized athletes in their respective sport. These three athletes are proven champions and have the Olympic medals and championship trophies to prove it. However when one talks about these three athletes their age is rarely the topic of discussion. Each turned professional by their teens, and yet nobody complains about this fact. In leagues such as the NBA and NFL they frown upon high school graduates entering their league. Both leagues have this unwritten rule where eligibility to join the league starts after your sophomore year in college. Profound talent should not be held back; the question to “go pro” for a high school graduate should be decided upon by the athlete.

College is a great way of figuring out what you are and what you want to become. People who are against those who turn professional at an early age say that education should be a top of their list of priorities. “Education and college prepares you for a life outside of sports”, states a columnist from brainevent.com. I too am a firm believer in this, and I also believe that children should continue their education as long as possible. Getting educated helps better your life and molds you into a well rounded person.

Although College is a life changing experience it is not for everybody, and no one should be forced into attending it. Whether you choose to go to College, work, or enter the NBA should be up to you. As Americans, it is our right and freedom to be able to choose this. James Anderson from shoutoutsports.com points out that, “If a kid doesn’t want to go to college what purpose would it serve for him to go? Take a look at the football players who were running around for several years without even a 1.0 grade point average.” This quote basically states that athletes have a mindset of, “why am I here, when I can be making millions doing what I love?” Half the reason why colleges want you to attend their school is because they know you’re good. Colleges know that you’re going to turn professional eventually, and you’ll be a big star. Superstars have fans, and fans want to know everything about you; even what college you attended. In essence you are a star and so is the school that produced you.

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