Identity And Identity Theft

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Identity Theft Contents: • Introduction • Identity and identity theft • Stages • The role of technology • Precaution and Protection • Law Enforcement issues • Criminalization • National Responses • In Jordan • Conclusion Introduction: We were asked to choose a topic from the Ethical and Legal Framework related to ICT industries. The topic we chose was identity theft because identity is universal and identity theft has become perhaps the defining crime of the information age. Identity is more than a document, social security number or name. It includes a set of information or documents that define us as unique individuals. Identity theft is done by a broad scope of offenders. Technology has brought about new vulnerabilities. The aim of our report is to better define identity and identity theft. Define the role of technology in aiding the crime. The report also states some legal issues and legislations both national and local. Identity and Identity Theft: As mentioned in the introduction identity isn’t just one document thus, in order to better understand what identity theft is; we must define what is considered as identity. There are many definitions; the best from what I gathered is anything that differentiates a person allowing recognition to him/her only; is considered as identity. Thus, leading us to identity theft; people who choose to impersonate or pose as another person might not always be criminal yet is it ethical? There are many types of identity theft such as; criminal, synthetic, medical, and financial. All of which affect the victim differently. Criminal identity theft is basically that someone impersonates an unknowing victim; the offender might commit fraud or any il... ... middle of paper ... ... 200JODs or more than 1000JODs the offender might also be charged with both. Conclusion: Identity theft is as stated in the introduction a Universal issue. Although there are various researches on the topic yet still there are gaps and work yet to be done. Precautions should be undergone to try to prevent such crimes. More awareness should also be raised on the issue to aid in the precaution. References: • Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Trabi (Applied Science University) College of Law. • • • •

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