Iago; The Representation of Villainy in "Othello"

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A villain is defined as an evil character in a novel, movie, play, or other story, especially one who is the main enemy of the hero according to Encarta Dictionary. In "Othello," Iago fits this definition perfectly though Othello does not recognize that Iago is his enemy until the end of the story. Iago is the evil-minded, backstabbing character in this dramatic story. He demonstrates this villainy act all through out the story beginning with being angry with Othello for not appointing him as lieutenant, his revenge on cassio for taking his place as lieutenant, and setting up Desdemona to look like she is cheating on Othello. His machinations are so effective because they flow consistently. From the very start, Iago's manipulations are driven by the desire to take vengeance to those who anger him.

Othello angers Iago over the position he gave to Cassio and it's because of this Iago calls for revenge by making Othello kill his wife. In Act 1, Scene 1, Iago and Rodrigo are talking among one another in regards to Othello not choosing Iago as his lieutenant and how Rodrigo yearns for Desdemona. Iago formulates a plan to get back at Othello and also to help Rodrigo achieve his aspiration for Desdemona. Angry, Iago reveals his hatred upon Othello by waking Desdemona's father, Brabantio, and informing him about his daughter not being in her quarters and is out marrying the Moor, Othello. In Act 2, Scene 1, Iago suspects Othello having an affair with Iago's wife. Already we can see this villain spawning but does not show his hate to Othello. Furthermore, Iago manipulates Othello to believe that Desdemona is cheating while the all along she is being truthful about her innocence. Iago does this to try to gain Othello's trus...

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...e hostile thus murdering his wife. Iago's intentions are primarily based on revenge on Cassio for taking his position as lieutenant and anger against Othello for not appointing him instead. Though Iago manages to attain the position as lieutenant by setting Cassio up by causing him to sword fight thus getting himself demoted, he is not satisfied not until Othello is punished. His machinations fell right into place since everyone trusted him and if it was not for Emilia finding and giving Othello's handkerchief to Iago. What Iago did not over look is the fact that his wife would eventually tell everyone the truth regardless his threats to her thus ending the story with Desdemona dead, Othello killing himself, Emilia killed by Iago and Iago being punished. With evil come consequences. Iago had it coming to him. This villain now has to pay for his misdoings.
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