Iago As A Villain In Shakespeare's 'Othello'

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In the play Othello, the character Iago is a liar, who will trick anyone to get his way, regardless of what happens to them or how they would feel. Iago does his best to find flaws in others and makes deals, agreements and promises with people that he doesn’t plan to keep. Iago is a pure evil, manipulative villain because of the actions he expressed throughout the play, as well as the way he deceived other characters, and the compassion he showed for revenge.
Iago is a character in the play Othello, that brings trouble to people he doesn 't care much for. He doesn’t think much of anyone besides himself. Shakespeare did a good job in naming him since the name Iago is very close to the word ego. An egotistical person thinks only of themselves,
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Iago decides it will be a good idea to get Cassio drunk. Iago knows that this is the perfect plan to make Cassio disgrace Othello. Othello leaves the celebration with his wife, Desdemona, to consummate their marriage. “Come, my dear love,/The purchase made, the fruits are to ensue;/That profit 's yet to come 'tween me and you/Good night” (II.iii.8-11). Iago takes this opportunity to feed enough alcohol to Cassio to get him drunk. Cassio is not in his right mind because he has had so much to drink and by the end of Act II Scene iii Cassio and Roderigo, a character in the play who is very wealthy and loves Desdemona, get into a fight. Roderigo and Cassio’s fight causes Cassio to disgrace Othello. He loses his position as lieutenant. When Othello finds out about the fight he says, “I know, Iago,/Thy honesty and love doth mince this matter,/Making it light to Cassio. Cassio, I love thee/But never more be officer of mine”…show more content…
If both plans come through as hoped, then Iago will get the Lieutenant position and Roderigo will get Desdemona when her and Othello breakup. “Iago’s dominating personality quickly subjects Roderigo to his schemes, and makes him a willing agent in his revenge”(Mabillard). Iago also gets Roderigo to back his ideas financially (Mabillard). Iago also plays on Roderigo’s mental instability when it comes to his love for Desdemona. “With the promise that Desdemona might be swayed to divorce Othello and marry Roderigo, Iago procures whatever funds he wishes: Thus do I ever make my fool my purse?(I, iii, 426). Roderigo desperately desires Desdemona and is unable to reason that no amount of money will help the situation” (Classics Network). This is another way that Iago shows his true character but behind the backs of his
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