I am going to research how supermarkets use ICT to have an impact on

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I am going to research how supermarkets use ICT to have an impact on


Unit 12: Impact on Society

My chosen area is a supermarket. I am going to research how

supermarkets use ICT to have an impact on society.

Since the introduction of ICT in supermarkets, everything has become

much more efficient. Supermarkets have improved tremendously by using

the following things in stores:

· Online Shopping



· Credit Cards

· Loyalty Cards

· Cash Back

Question 1:

Ways in which ICT is used in a supermarket are:

Ø Online Shopping

Online shopping is a way in which ICT is used in supermarkets. It

enables the shopper to be able to buy things online. This is a quick

and easy method of purchasing goods and therefore has an impact on


[IMAGE]This affects me because is somebody in my family is unable to

go to the supermarket for some reason, we just order the products

online. We do this because we find it easy and also we find it helpful

as products can be delivered to our home.

This affects the community because more and more people will shop

online because it is very simple therefore the supermarket will have

more customers and therefore they will have bigger profits. If

somebody is poorly, they can buy their shopping online. People can

compare prices of products online and you can shop at any time you


All the main supermarkets use online shopping. For example, Tesco and

Asda. These websites allow customers to browse through all the

products and they also allow the customer to compare prices of

products with other supermarket prices so that you can buy the

cheapest one without having to go onto other websites.

Ø EPOS (Electronic point of sales)

EPOS is an electronic system, which enables the supermarket to

automatically deduct stock from the stock level. This also enables

people to buy things quickly. People working on the checkout do not

have to check for any price labels. They just scan the barcode, which

gives them the price and automatically deducts the product off the


EPOS has an affect on me because it makes it easier and faster to scan

products therefore I can be served a lot quicker.

This affects the community as well because if they are happy with the

service then they will keep coming back for more products. Also,

supermarkets are putting local shops out of business because most

people are going to supermarkets to buy their shopping. This is

because the corner shops are not able to compete with supermarkets.

Also, nobody is ordering milk from milkmen anymore because they just

go and buy milk from a supermarket once a week.
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