I Have A Sincere Interest Of The Bba ( Hons )

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I have a sincere interest in the BBA (Hons) in Accountancy programme offered by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) as PolyU is recognized worldwide as one of the top young universities worldwide, preparing students to face the world by encouraging all-round development and motivating them to learn to apply the skillset effectively, which helps foster them to be all-rounded elite students. Personally, I am especially interested in an eminent college with recognized results, which would prepare me to more thoroughly understand the dynamics of the ever-changing business environment and its comprehensive practice. That is why I am especially interested in this programme by the Faculty of Business, which has been ranked 68th in the Top 100 World Rankings of Business Schools, proving its faculty members’, whose research is highly recognized, commitment to excellence. In addition to the academic excellence, I am also pursuing this programme for the substantial opportunities and resources granted by PolyU for my further exposure. PolyU has attached great importance on internationalism that facilitates the cultural exchange between each other, which is surely a valuable experience, which cannot be obtained from traditional books. I am confident that I will work hard to grab every golden opportunity in PolyU for self-enhancements. I genuinely believe PolyU will be where I obtain the top-notch tertiary education and experience I will need to succeed in my future endeavors. Before enrolling in HKCC, I participated in a summer course regarding to marketing organized by HKUST. It provided me with the background knowledge in regard to marketing and helped me realize my dream. Having studied the programme called Associate in Business i... ... middle of paper ... ...always stay calm and think critically to solve the problem at hand effectively at once, also preparing for the worst case scenario. In view of the superior business characteristics of Hong Kong, there is a large and relentless demand for business professionals, particularly in financial and accounting aspect. With countless job opportunities provided and obvious growth in thriving financial service industry, it is certain that Hong Kong needs immense support from new graduates. Therefore, I aim to study at the business programme in PolyU, where not only will the useful knowledge and practical experience gained be fully utilized, but also the free learning environment in PolyU will definitely be conducive to boost my confidence and thereby helping me succeed in my desired career, and if possible, I would be able to give back to the society that has given me so much.

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