The Importance Of Social Codes

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The self-directed search produced a very interesting code for myself after completion and the codes were social, investigative and conventional (SIC). The RIASEC hexagon breaks down these codes and gives descriptions of each one of the codes. The way these codes are explained in a sense doesn’t fit me and yet in other ways they are me. I agree with the social code because I like to help people and interact with others. The investigative code according to the explanation is math and science problem solvers (Reardon, Lenz, Peterson & Sampson, 2012). I agree with the science aspect of the code but math isn’t one of my favorite things to do. The same can be said for the conventional code as I am organized but again I am not a fan of math or dealing with numbers. In most ways I do agree with the codes and how they represent me, however, I do not agree with all of the definition of each code and how they represent me.
Some of the careers that this code produced as interests for me are post-secondary teacher, high school teacher, nurse, occupational therapist and mental health counselor (V...
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