I Didn't See That Coming

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I Didn't See That Coming When reading a play, the purpose is to use words and written stage directions to allow both the performer and the reader to visualize the movements of the characters and the setting. In his play, A Doll House, Henrik Ibsen uses tones to set the mood of the characters, the single room in the residence for setting, and minimal symbols to interpret alternate agendas. Most importantly, Ibsen uses chaos to end it all. For the most part the mood of the characters is that of glee. Very seldom in the beginning there are any arguments or misunderstandings. Ibsen uses jovial tones to show that good times are about. The symbol used here is that of a Christmas tree delivered by a young man, and Nora more than happy to pay for his services. This is all set up wonderfully to make the audience feel comfortable and gives the setting a warm and cozy feeling. Everything is all right at the Helmer household. Most, if not all the action occurs off of Torvald's study. This could mean that Nora is isolated from everybody. An alternate meaning could be that all characters act off of Nora. With Nora being the center of the universe, she controls the moods, who comes and goes, she is the quarterback. All other characters are related to her. Examples of this are: Torvald, Nora's husband. Dr. Rank, Torvald's dear friend, also an admirer of Nora's. LaDoucer 2 Mr. Krogstad, Nora's loan shark. Finally, Mrs. Linde, Nora's longtime schoolmate. When something affects Nora, like the Butterfly effect, the entire dynamic of the play is shifted. The focus at the beginning is that of the upcoming holidays. Nora is so gratuitously reminded that Mr. Krogstad's position at the bank is in peril, that this forged document makes its grand entrance on center stage. As if a domino had been knocked over far, far away, a chain reaction ensues throwing the holiday cheer aside. Now the focus has been transferred in such a way that life changing options are being weighed. Mr. Krogstad is about to lose his job, he demands that Nora fix this. Nora is now the link that carries the greatest burden, affecting all involved, like a wave in the ocean. Nora is linked with the setting as if it were her personal prison.

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