Roles of Characters in Henrik Ibsen´s A Doll´s House

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Reading Henrik Ibsen’s “ A doll’s house” it proves that the writer puts importance on the characters and the roles they play in the stories. The main characters in this story pretend more to be someone else than who reader would prefer them instead of being their true selves. The one person whose character highly stood out throughout the whole story and who’s role couldn’t do more justice than said in the story to point where to seems like she leads two different lives is none other than Nora.
According to her husband Torvald, Nora is childish even though she is his wife but however she is loving but little that he is aware that she’s unpredictably a strong and an independent woman. As the plays moves forward readers will highly realize that Nora’s persona shifts from that of everyday playful trophy wife seen by Torvald and friends to someone who is highly self empowering and a willing woman.
Nora’s very first impression to her readers would of a responsible, obedient, money loving and a very childish wife. In the first act of the play audience would realize that all Nora wants is money from her husband Torvald. A act was describe when the two characters finally meets in the play and there was time when Nora was showing what she got for her kids for Christmas and when she was asked what she wants for Christmas all she answered was money. It was hard to eliminate the way Torvald especially addressed Nora it seemed as if though she was a little girl or even his pet. “My little lark mustn’t droop her wings like that. What? Is my squirrel in the sulks?” (Ibsen 842).
It seems as if he is talking to a little child. And he says that as he is giving her money, which makes their interaction seem almost of a grown grandparent giving money t...

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...are aspects of society and its conventional values that she might not agree with and might possibly be wrong. Torvald then offers to teach her and she rejects him because she is conscious that she has to educate herself or at least away from him. She also points out that they never spoke of serious things, which could be the reason why she believes he isn’t right to teach her; along with the fact that he has been looking down on her since they’ve met.
Personally speaking at the end of the story I strongly felt that Nora came out as more of a strong willed and an independent woman who knew she wanted from her own life. Nora was not only Ibsen’s example to show a women’s strong side character but she actually did justice while showing that women is as equal as any other human beings. Nora also strongly have pointed the laws should be equal according that era of time.
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