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Hysteria of the Bean America is diseased. We have an addiction which we cannot overcome. We are the generation that runs on Dunkin. It has always been this way. The modern hysteria began in the 1950’s when the very first Dunkin Donuts opened its doors to the masses; but the disease began before the New World was first colonized. Legend has it that a goat herder in a far away land first discovered the magical properties of the coffee bean. One misty morning on a dirt covered mountain pass, he began to notice that his flock of goats were acting rather peculiar. They were behaving in an erratic and spontaneous manner, some even running to the edge of the mountain side before plummeting thousands of feet to their deaths in what appeared to be a ritualistic mass suicide.…show more content…
At every step of the way our body was keeping up with us, working to create more adenosine receptors as we worked to block them. The cells found in the tissue of the brain simply began to grow more receptors, adapting and evolving to the sudden change in our bodies chemical makeup. The more receptors, the more coffee it would take to block off the adenosine5.Likewise, the more receptors the more tired we would feel without the aid of coffee6.
This is precisely the reason why stopping coffee is so difficult. We have conditioned our brain itself to be unable to function without the use of coffee. Without it we feel tired, have headaches, and just lose the will to do anything sometimes. We have done irreparable damage to our brains. But it was worth it…right?
5. More coffee equals more caffeine which can be dissolved by the bloodstream and enter the brain. The more caffeine that enters the brain, the more adenosine receptors which are blocked off.
6. We have a bunch of adenosine just floating around in our heads, as a result he more adenosine receptors we have the more opportunities for the adenosine to bind and the more binding that occurs, the more tired we

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