Hurricane Harvey: The Present And Future Of Hurricane Houston

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Hurricane Harvey has put numerous lives in jeopardy as it continues to rage across Houston and the surrounding areas. Harvey has had major repercussions that are going to affect both the present and future. Those affected by Harvey are currently battling flooding, watching convention centers open, and seeing the release of water from reservoirs are all impacts Hurricane Harvey, one of the largest storm systems to ever hit Texas has uprooted thousands of lives and caused mass terror to those directly and indirectly affected. Hurricane Harvey, a category four hurricane, is the worst stormTexas residents have seen since the 1960s. Packing 100+ miles per hour winds and an onslaught of rain, the storm system has devastated many communities around…show more content…
Harvey has destroyed homes and caused the evacuation of families and individuals who find themselves with no place to stay. To combat the issue, Houston has opened its major convention center which can house thousands, but is has already exceeded its limit. The number of affected citizens only continues to rise, posing a severe issue for the officials in Houston. Hurricane Harvey has left little untouched, and the convention center may be facing flooding issues in the coming days. Because of this, Dallas plans on opening the doors to its convention center to house the refugees of this hurricane. “Houston opened its convention center as a shelter, as did Dallas. On Tuesday evening, the mayor of Houston announced that the Toyota center, an 18,000 seat indoor arena, would open to relieve the pressure on the [other] convention center” (Astore, Chokshi, 1). Panic has begun to set in in the neighboring communities as well. Citizens as far as San Antonio have started to seek shelter further north of the storm, choosing to evacuate by car while they still can. While Harvey is expected to return to the Gulf and retouch with less intensity closer to Georgia, fear that it could gain momentum and reenter Houston still remains. The opening of convention centers is another immediate consequence Hurricane Harvey has caused, but a long term effect that the storm has is the…show more content…
Houston, home to two major water reservoirs, now grapples with the task of safely releasing water from these dams. Because of Harvey, they are at a dangerously high level that poses many safety concerns. If the water continues to rise, the reservoirs could break, and release a tidal wave of water into the already flooded city. However, some residents don’t agree with the releasing of water, even in controlled portions, because it adds to the flooding. “The Addicks and Barker dams hold back the reservoirs’ collective 410,000 acre-feet of water and if the dams fail, half the city could be underwater” (Planas, Satlin, et al, 2). The release of water could be a major threat to nearby homes as well while causing more flooding on the major roads, perpetuating the issue of transportation. The Army Corps of Engineers ultimately decided that waiting and praying that the reservoirs didn’t fail would be a poor decision, and came out with a statement saying they would be releasing rationed portions of water. The overflowing of the reservoirs and the possible increase of flooding is a direct impact of Harvey on Houston, and this continues to perpetuate issues they will face in the months to

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