Hunger: It's Not a Game

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Most people today are taking advantage of food. Sometimes leftover get thrown away and become a waste. Students do not see that aspect that there are a lot of people hungry nationwide. As this tragedy keep going, there is a lot of non-profit organization that support, help and fight this hunger nationwide. There are some example of non-profit organization that fight hunger in America such as, the feeding America, project bread, hunger project, and the hunger site. In Anchorage there is also a non-profit organization that fight hunger. The food bank of Alaska and the Bean’s Café are just the two main organizations that fight hunger in Anchorage. The food bank of Alaska made a partnership with feeding America while the Bean’s Café do not have. Both organizations started in 1979, but the Bean’s Café is the one that stands out makes the organization to be well known by people lived in the area. In 34 years Bean’s Café has been feeding hungry people in Anchorage, Alaska. The goal is for no one to be hungry again. Behind to that 34 years of success, it all started when Bean and his mom bought their first truck, ford with blue pick up truck. Bean and his mom named it Tucker. Once upon a time, Bean and her mom decided to take an adventure. They drove from Boston to Alaska. For that long drive adventure Bean only have toys, books, drawing tablets, crayons and lots of pillows on the mattress that he and his mom slept during the adventure. When they got hungry, Bean would push open the sliding windows and lean through to the front of the truck, and announce: “Bean’s Café is open for business! May I take your order?” (Bean, 1997). On that play time of Bean it all started to become a reality. His mom started to like Anchorage and looking of it there is no such as a place for street people to eat, rest, read, shower, watch TV, make phone calls, or just relax. In 1979 Bean’s mom talked to dozens of people to build this ideas and after that she signed a five-year lease on a little empty warehouse downtown, which is across from the Sheraton hotel. Next day, people started to put all the stuff to build this Bean’s Café. After that people start coming in to eat, rest, organize and donate. As the Bean’s Café started to grow, they recognize of lack of attention to the children in need and suffer for hunger.
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