Human Resource Management

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While there are many skills a human resource manager may need, the one that is most important is active listening skills. You will learn these skills by practicing them. Active Listening Skills are important for a Human Resource Manager because it assists in the comprehension of the words or actions that are being communicated. Active listening skills is the communication between staff and the human resource manager. When a human resource manager is dealing with a problem from a staff member they need to apply good active listening skills. Active listening involves six skills: paying attention, holding judgment, reflecting, clarifying, summarizing, and sharing (Hoppe, 2006, p. 12-18). The first part of active listening is paying attention. Paying attention is the ability to set the tone. You can set the tone by being formal or informal. This all depends on the situation at hand. Also, another good practice to paying attention is allowing enough time for the other person to speak. If you are trying to talk at the same time as the speaker then you are not paying attention to what th...
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