Hugo Ball And Marcel Duchamp's Influence Of Individualism In Art

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QUESTION ONE As individualism continued to develop in society and culture, it also continued in the art that we have covered since the midterm exam. A later industrial revolution led to the era often called the “roaring 20s,” a period of extremes between wealth and poverty, growth and depression, new opportunities and stagnation. The development of capitalism and a creeping of commercial values in society led to an artistic hostility toward--and alienation from--a materialistic society. How artists demonstrated this individualism in their work and activities was a response to the perspectives of the ideas that grew out of technological advances that caused the world to change and develop in new ways. Artists represented their experience and…show more content…
Men such as Hugo Ball and Marcel Duchamp created art that was outrageous, whimsical, and that scorned the conventions of high culture, especially the appreciation of artistic skill. Marcel Duchamp played a significant role in redefining individualism with his Fountain. Formerly a urinal, this piece highlighted the modern style of mechanical innovations, but on a deeper level asked the question of who and what defines something as art, or even good art or bad art. This concept that art is defined differently by everyone, and can be anything, had a lasting effect on how individualism…show more content…
In addition, exposure to art became a means of countering the social effects of industrialization and urbanization as well as a means of fostering positive and progressive social change. Government leaders found that they could be use art in promoting their social mission by funding museums and art galleries as they grappled with the growth of the middle class, post-war immigration, and patterns of social exclusion. In addition, artists began inserting themselves into popular culture for disseminating information and accessing wider audiences, revolutionizing the idea of art inserted into everyday

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