The Art Nouveau Style And Style

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1801 words

The Art Nouveau style and movement, at its height between 1890 and 1910, enabled a sense of freedom for both its artists and the public as a whole. It offered strikingly original ideologies and transformed both the artistic and the mundane world alike with common characteristics like curvilinear shapes and a sense of the return to the natural and to nature as well as being at the crux of a fundamental change in how artworks were mass produced. The Art Nouveau style seemed to walk between the two worlds: it was simultaneously fantastical and grounded in reality and there was no artist in the period that was better equipped to “know and see the dance of the seven veils,” (Zatlin) than Aubrey Beardsley. It is impossible to fully discuss the value …show more content…

His poem, “A Ballad of a Barber” (1896) still embodies his aesthetic and visual artistic works as he mentions the decadence of courtly life with the coiffed hair and “powder, paints, and dyes” (Beckson, 7) with a hint of Beardsley’s signature taboo sexuality subtly peeking through. Jerome H. Buckley, in The Victorian Temper, wrote than it was, “surely intended to convey a complete allegory of Decadence itself,” (Beckson, 6). He also produced posters and his accompanying essay, “The Art of Hoarding” (1894) enabled a conversation about art and advertising, suggesting that the two were one and the same, citing that, “beauty has laid siege to the city,” (Beardsley) and that poster and advertisement design offers more freedom than traditional forms of art. His clear support and encouragement of artistic advertising fits very well into the lithography graphic poster ‘craze’ that took place, particularly in France, during the Art Nouveau movement. It can even be argued that his illustrations for prose and poetry of popular writers like Alexander Pope and Oscar Wilde are, in their essence, advertisements for the works of these authors. Aubrey Beardsley, again, was simultaneously on every side of the artistic debate: he aligned himself with Whitler-esqe ideologies of aestheticism while also publically promoting the artistic validity of street posters and advertisements but the thing that remained constant no matter which cause he was articulating was a sense of unapologetic fervor. Beardsley was racing against the clock of his coming death throughout his entire life and his artistic career was no

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the art nouveau style and movement, at its height between 1890 and 1910, enabled a sense of freedom for both its artists and the public.
  • Explains that aubrey beardsley was the art nouveau movement's victor frankenstein. he personified the intensity and weight of the baroque with works like "the climax" (1893) and imbued the piece with the curvilinear shapes standard.
  • Analyzes how beardsley highlighted his japanesque style with a sensuous intensity in his illustrations of oscar wilde's salome.
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