How to Cope With Bullying

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How to Cope With Bullying

I am going to concentrate on the skill of coping with bullying in the

playground, and how people can overcome their fears. Many youths aged

between 13-15 get bullied at one time or another, it is basically a

learning process of growing up, but some cases can be more severe than

others. But many people find it difficult to cope when the time


To start I conducted a short interview with a counsellor of a

Stevenage school, Mrs Ashwell. Who explained the advice given when

talking to victims. I asked her questions on her job and how a person

should talk and present themselves to victims that need help. Mrs

Ashwell explained how trust was important, and how the victims are in

fear and concerned.

When being bullied many skills are needed within communication.

Selected skills are needed to deter bullies. When looking coping with

bullying, I decided to look at the important skills that victims need.

Such things as:

· High esteem

· Assertiveness skills

· Reporting bullies

· Understanding the psychology of bullies

People with low esteem are usually bullied, this means that high

esteem has to be built so the child can feel more confident and happy.

Low esteem can be shown through the child being fearful and insecure.

To develop high-esteem the victim needs to be in a good atmosphere in

which they feel respected, warmth and success. To find a group who

share the same interests and hobbies, as they would feel respected and

they will learn to respect themselves.

Assertiveness is where you express needs and personal feelings. A

person with good assertiveness skills can communicate their needs and

listen to others. This can help to increase esteem, but again has to

be developed. The assertive person is always polite. Assertive

behavior helps you to prevent others from invading your personal

space. The best ways in which to develop assertiveness skills is to

label the feelings that you are experiencing, so if you are feeling
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