How the Roman Legion Revolutionized Warfare

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The Roman Empire was the greatest empire Europe had ever seen. To control such a large empire, a strong military is required. The Roman Legion was one of the most effective and advanced armies in history and fulfilled its duty to protect the Roman Empire, its citizens, and its emperors for nearly five-hundred years. It successfully conquered England, Spain, France, Greece, and much of the Middle East and Africa. They were able to accomplish this feat through modernizing old-fashioned ways of thought on warfare. Through the tactics they employed and the equipment they used, the Roman Legion was able to become one of the most powerful armies to ever walk the face of the earth. Much of the success Rome’s army saw was also due to the ground-breaking methods they used in training its soldiers. The combination of extensive training, innovative technology, and the exceptionally effective tactics placed the Roman Legion at the pinnacle of military strength, and in so doing revolutionized warfare.

The first component in the success of the Roman Legion was the strenuous training regime that soldiers were put through and the sense of pride soldiers had. One important factor separating Roman soldiers, called legionnaires, from other soldiers of the time, stemmed from the fact that Rome “did not conscript citizens; Rome evolved into the world’s first professional army. Their soldiers were paid to fight, and they made a lifelong career of it. Soldiering for Rome was not just a job—it was a way of life and a commitment which lasted for twenty five years” (The Romans). This created a sense of pride which they developed throughout their careers and especially during their training. The initial training was focused on building up physical strength...

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...ies without trepidation. The equipment that was used by these soldiers was also top of the line, and aided in the destruction of anyone that opposed the Roman Empire. Tactically, Rome was a step ahead of everyone they were fighting wars against. When we look at Roman tactics today, we can see the effects on current military strategy, including flanking techniques. Due to these, the Roman Empire was the greatest empire Europe had ever seen, and through these also revolutionized warfare forever.

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