How the Ramones Influenced Rock and Roll

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How the Ramones Influenced Rock and Roll

Joey Romone stated, “There is nobody as good as the Ramones, never will be. I mean, everybody’s just emulated us, and now everybody just kinda takes our sound as their foundations,” (Brainyquote). This proves that the Ramones has had a huge impact on rock. The Romones are the most influential rock band in the 20th century because they sparked the Punk rock bomb in the UK and The United States, they initiated many notorious trends in the punk rock industry, and they have acquired many awards.

The Ramones were a punk rock band started it 1974 and originally consisted of Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone. None of the members were related; they just chose Ramone as a surname. In 1976 they came out with their debut album, Ramones. Their sound consisted of a really raw, stripped down effect, and a signature, guttural chant of “1, 2, 3, 4” Dee Dee exclaimed at the beginning of their songs to start them off. The group wasn’t extremely popular until they traveled to a tour in the U.K. (RollingStoneArtists).

Their sound was very different to the usu...

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