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482 words

Everyone has multiple personalities that can be brought up in certain situations. When people get stressed out they tend to be more rushed or irritated. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding a group of boys are stuck on an island and have to help each other to survive. Golding shows how when our main priority is physical survival, we start to lose our hope and sanity. For instance, this can be seen when the boys lose hope throughout the story. In the beginning of the story Ralph tells everyone “sooner or later, we shall be rescued” (37) and “until grownups come to catch us we’ll have fun” (35). At this time the group of boys have no doubts about being rescued and think they should enjoy the time they have without parents. Some …show more content…

After the boys had a small rampage Ralph said to Piggy in shock “That was Simon… [t]hat was murder” (156). After being on the island for so long the boys forgot their morals and started going insane, they went as far as to killing each other. It may be true that the boys work together and try to have rules so they do not lose all sanity. On the other hand all the rules they made fell apart when Jack and Ralph started fighting over chief, and everything turned chaotic. Once Jack became chief, he wanted Ralph dead. Samneric tried to warn Ralph and told him “They’re going to hunt you tomorrow” (188). When Jack became chief all of the boys became ruthless and lost sanity. All they wanted to do was hunt and kill. Lord of the Flies demonstrates how much people can change when they are focusing on survival. People can change for the good or for the bad, in this book it was more for the bad. When trying to survive the boys found it hard to maintain their hope and sanity, because of this they all fell apart and were at each other's throats. In our lives today we all have bad things happen to us that can change our mood or personalities for the worse. If you think about how you negatively react to these things, maybe you can change your reaction to something more

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the novel lord of the flies by william golding shows how when our main priority is physical survival, we lose our hope and sanity.
  • Analyzes how the boys lose hope throughout the story. ralph tells everyone "sooner or later, we shall be rescued" and "until grownups come to catch us.
  • Analyzes how the boys lost their sanity after a small rampage. they forgot their morals and went as far as killing each other.
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