How To Make Banana Pudding

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Since 1903, banana pudding has been an American desert classic. The sweet taste of warm vanilla wafers can warm up a cold body anytime! The most common recipe for banana pudding calls for the use of an oven and stove top. Although, this recipe does make for a great banana pudding, it can take the average individual almost an hour to prepare the desert. Now a day, time is money for most families, so being able to prepare a desert like this can be time consuming. Having a no bake option can be the perfect fit for busy families. This recipe will provide you with instructions on how to prepare a no bake banana pudding that will taste like it came straight out of the oven!

Items Needed:

1 Box of Vanilla Wafer Cookies

8-10 Medium Bananas

1 Pack of Cream Cheese

1 Can of Sweetened milk' class='brand-secondary'>Condensed Milk or Lechera

1 Box of Instant Vanilla Pudding/ Banana pudding can be used also

2 Cups of Cold Milk

2 Cups of Whipped Cream

2 Medium Bowls

1 Large Bowl or Pan

1 Large Spoon

1 Hand Blender

Step 1

Prepare the instant pudding. Mix the pudding mix and 2 cups of cold milk in a medium bowl. Be sure to get all the pudding from the bottom of the bowl. Set aside and allow forming.

Step 2

Peel and slice the bananas. Then set them aside as well.

Step 3

Using your second medium bowl, blend the pack of cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk. Once you have a creamy consistency add in the instant vanilla pudding mix and continue blending the mixture with your hand blender. After all the mixtures are incorporated, spoon in 2 cups of whipped cream until the pudding is frothy in texture.

Step 4

Next, ensemble your vanilla wafers in a large bowl or pan. Lay the cookies in a side to side formation, very close to each other. Be sure to cover the sides of the pan as well.

Step 5

Add the sliced bananas to the top of the cookies. Spread them evenly over every cookie and try to cover every nock and cranny. If there are enough cookies and banana slices left, you can set them aside to use for later.

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