How Sex Offenders Are Registered Along With The Notifications That Are Followed After Registration

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The following research will display an overview of the process in Texas on how sex offenders are registered along with the notifications that are followed after registration. Texas, as many other states, has a procedure which requires sex offenders to register with the local law enforcement agencies at the time of their discharge. In addition to registration, they must also comply with further probation regulations. Research has concluded that there are four basic phases of registration and notification. Beginning with offender notified, following the offender registration and community notified and ending with public notification The information will begin by introducing to the public on what exactly defines a sex offender. Background information is essential for the public to have a general understanding of the subject. Explaining the process of registration will offer further knowledge to the public and how to be aware of the offenders. This research will guide you through the procedure and how the agencies function. It will describe the process and how the lives of these offenders are ultimately damaged by their actions. A significant amount of information of these offenders are given to the public for safety purposes. Notifications are given to public school, works, and even provided to military bases. This document will also provide slight information of sex offender deregistration. Is deregistration an option for these offenders? The research will disclose the procedure of registration and notification. Discussions and suggestions will also be included for further exploration. Keywords: Sex Offender Registration, Notification Law, Code of Criminal Procedure Chapter 62, SORNA, DPS. A sex offender is a person who has ... ... middle of paper ... ...he notification of the offenders to the community. The community is usually notified of specific sex offenders. Usually, announcements in the newspapers and to school officials are made. Focusing on sex offenders who made the offense against a 17 years of age victim or younger, notifications to schools are sent and to the community as well. The law enforcement agencies are required to provide a written notification to the superintendents of public schools and school districts where the offenders are located. Most of the information of the offender is provided except the sensitive information that was previously states such as social security, driver license, etc. The agencies are also required to input the information in the newspaper by only providing the following information; age, gender, brief description of the offense, street name and zip code of the offender.

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