The Importance Of Parole

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Parole and Release to the Community
Technical violation of parole or probation is a phrase often used to depict a misbehavior by an offender on probation or on supervision, technical misbehavior do not always lead to arrest as they do not add up to criminal offence, however repeated pattern of offences and other serious offences can lead to imprisonment. Although issues of prison crowding are being aggravated by imprisonment of technical violations parolees, I am of the opinion that parolee should strictly adhere to the agreement of rules and regulations sighed under the parole agreement, failure to comply with those rules should earn the parolee a ticket back to prison, such regulations incorporate
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The challenges includes both physical and psychological challenges which are to be taken into account if one has to be a productive member of the society. Studies shows recidivism normally occur after three to four years after release from prison, this is highly connected with challenges that are faced by former inmates. Post-incarceration employment is usually limited, this is due to the fact that they are viewed negatively by the employers due to involvement in criminal justice. Most have limited education and work experience to fit into employment. Some ex-convicts face rejection by family members due to their negative figure portrayed by their former mistakes. They are also faced with society, social connections and expectation upon release challenges, as expectations for returning to a life of normalcy are not always realistic due to the society structural changes and technology changes that have occurred in their absence (Welfare Reform, 110). This is more true to inmates who have served long periods in prison. Other challenges faced by former prisoners includes; collateral consequences like lack of food stamps and inability to…show more content…
Re-entry into the society is of importance to inmates, especially when it comes to matters to do with education, employment, housing and access to medical facilities. Government sponsored programs such as access to food stamps should highly be extended to felons as a necessity to reduce stress and challenges on ex-convicts. Denying ex-convicts the right to vote and the right to access food stamps serves as a way of rejecting the felons and violation of the basic human right of freedom. Denial of these basic human right add up to the many causes of recidivism in any state. Sex offender registries are too much inclusive and very restrictive, more so as it denies youthful offenders from gaining access to school and adults struggle to find a legitimate neighborhood (Welfare Reform, 115). Sex offenders registries are only legitimate if they serve to rehabilitate offenders but not shun them from the

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