How Outlaw Gangs Started

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How Outlaw Gangs Started In 1987, a Billy the Kid museum began in Hico, Texas. This museum was founded on the belief that a man named Brushy Bill Roberts was the real Billy the Kid, and had escaped the bullets of Pat Garrett. Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang founders firmly believed this to be untrue. Maryln Bowlin of Taiban, New Mexico founded the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang shortly thereafter for the purpose of protecting the true, and well researched, history of William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid. Maryln founded "The Gang" in 1987 in Taiban, New Mexico. Maryln was the first president of the Gang, and is still an active member. Since it was formed, Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang has worked with the state historian, and the highway department to erect many historical markers throughout the state. These sites mark places of importance in the lives of William Bonney and his peers. The Gang also publishes brochures directed toward tourists and New Mexico residents promoting these sites. Membership in the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang, Inc. now numbers 400 people, from 43 states and 7 countries. Many now apply for membership from the Internet. Our website is at and by clicking on "Memberships" you learn what are the benefits and the dues to join, and clicking onto "Membership Form" you can fill out the blanks and then mail in your dues to become actual members. The Territory of New Mexico, in the mid-1870-80s, experienced a wave of rampant lawlessness, unparalleled in the history of the United States. One must walk a mile in their shoes before coming to conclusions about the lives of men and boys in that era. Henry McCarty, alias Kid Antrim, alias William H. Bonney, alias Billy The Kid, born in the east, came to New Mexico in the 1870's and started out on his own from Silver City. Go where you will over the trails he rode, and you will agree, he is alive today In Lincoln, he became involved in the famous Lincoln County War. This was a time of political strife and financial power struggles. In most cases, one must kill or be killed. Upon the death of John Tunstall, Billy vowed vengeance on every man who participated in that cruel, wanton murder. Later, the Kid was involved in the death of Morton, Baker, McCloskey, Brady, Hindman and Beckwith. The vendetta led him through the heart of New Mexico.
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