How My Father Is Involved In My Life

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Is your father currently involved in your life? Yes, I have a wonderful father who has always been involved in my life, since day one he has been there for me. He has told me numerous time I have changed his life and nothing would be better than having me as his little girl! As a matter of fact, my father is a major part of my life, he has always been there for me. My father used to work out of town while I was in high school, so much that he missed events. With him being gone for months at a period of time made it harder on my mom and me. Therefore, he quit that job so he could be home and not miss my events. Although it took time for him to find a new job closer to home, it was still nice to see him every day after school. Given the global…show more content…
My father was in my life a great deal of time. He would drive me to school every morning and we would gas station to get a biscuit and a Mt. Dew. He did not want me to go to school without eating or eating the cafeteria food, which I did not like. We always played and spent time together. When I was little I would help him work on cars, until I become more girly and did not want to work on cars anymore. So the days of working on cars are now limited. He always tried to make it to my cheerleading games, gymnastics classes, or any other events my parents had me enrolled…show more content…
My fathers ' way of teaching me to cook involved making eggs, since that was the only thing he could cook. He taught me how to change a tire, and yet I am still not the best at doing it. We live in the woods so having fires on the weekends was something we did all the time. I would go collect wood and he would light it after I got done. In fact, my dad tries his best at helping, even if it is a scratch on my knee, he is always there to help. My father is a major part of my life and I am thankful for every minute with him! My father is consistently helping me accomplish my goals. However, both of my parents have helped me accomplish my goals and shaped into the person I am today. They helped push me to continue my education to becoming a Registered
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