How Korean War Shaped Korea

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How Korean War Shaped Korea The Korean War was the historical event that most shaped Korea’s identity. It affected many areas of Korea, such as the economy, government, and the involvement of the United States. There was an economic crisis causing many people to suffer, a government was established, and because of the involvement of the US, Korea got lots of western influence. The essay below will explain how the Korean War affected Korea’s economy, the government, and the involvement of the US. 1. Historical Background Korea was once a colony of Japan but the many years of Koreans suffering through the colonial rule ended after the defeat of Japan by Russia and the US. They each took a part of Korea, the Soviet Union occupied the North and the US occupied the South (Armstrong). They also decided to divide Korea by using a 155 mile truce line called the 38th parallel to ease fighting about land disagreements between Russia and the US. (Facts). In 1947, the UN wanted to have elections so governments can form for both regions, but Russia disagreed causing problems. (Armstrong; “Korean”). The UN wanted elections to form governments thinking that it could benefit the whole country by influencing North Korea and South Korea to democracy, other then communism (Facts). Eventually South Korea elected lawmakers who wrote the constitution on May 10, 1948 forming a government. Rhee Syngman was the first elected president in Korea and had many opposing Koreans and supporters. Rhee wanted to use martial law in Pusan, which was the temporary capital back then, but President Truman and General Clark reminded Rhee to control a democratic government (“Korea 1952”). On the other hand, North Korea established a Democratic People’s Republic of K... ... middle of paper ... ...ple around the world think of someone or something. Not only is the identity of a country important, but what actually shaped the identity of a country. Everyone will probably always think of Korea as a divided country, one North and one South. Lots of people know North Korea causes lots of conflicts, while South Korea becoming a more known, independent, advanced country. Korea wasn’t always a developed country but after the Korean War, the country changed in many ways, mainly because of influence from especially the US and Russia, in North Korea’s case. Although North Korea and South Korea is different by their thoughts on how to lead a country, both countries live comfortably, even if North Korea has problems at times. US leaded South Korea to democracy, which helps Korea even now to be called a developed country in many different areas.

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