How Hennepin County ( Hc ) Use Monitor And Maintain Ehr Records

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This paper will illustrate how Hennepin County (HC) utilize monitor and maintain EHR records for the following business lines hospital, outpatient clinics, health, social and human service. Data sharing of EHR has allowed the organization to successfully provide care coordination for the population we serve. As healthcare evolves and service delivery continues to influence healthcare, it is essential for each business line to work together and collaborate to effectively access EHR within the Epic system. EHR systems, data bases, web portals are critical for a healthcare provider remain compliant with federal regulations. I am an HC employee, and my organization is unique, because we own and operate Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) and North Point Health & Wellness Center and provide health and human services for HC residents. In addition, HCMC hospital and North Point clinic are Federal Qualified Healthcare (FQHC) facilities that service the insured non-insured. An FQHC facility, receives funding from the federal government for providing services for the non-insured. The hospital and clinic are required to model the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and reimbursements rates are driven by healthcare delivery. Large hospitals throughout the U.S. is known for own operating day to day business transaction on the Epic system. The Epic system stores EHR and maintain clinical applications. Hennepin County Medical Center, owns and operation it data to day business transactions on the Epic system as well. The EHR and clinical data is stored in the clinical data repository, and the data warehouse involves extracting and cleaning data from a variety of organizational databases. HC business partners access the EPIC system from a we... ... middle of paper ... ...and the ability for healthcare data to exchange information and systems work together in order to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for individuals and communities, tools and “building blocks” used to build standards, messaging and document standards, and EHR functional models and profiles (K. Wagner, F.Lee, J. Glaser, 2013). My most recent experience at my primary care physician (PCP) visit at a HC clinic demonstrates interoperability. My EHR files from Maple Grove hospital was included with my HC EHR files. This enabled my primary care physician to access my EHR at the Maple Grove hospital. My professional and personal experience with HER information and claims. Healthcare providers are ready for prime time, because health plan providers require all claims to be submitted to through electronic data interchange (EDI).

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