How Gingerbread Man Changed My Life

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The gingerbread man changed my life.Year 2006-2007 was a very important year. This was the year i started the next important chapter of my life - kindergarten. Many may not remember but this was the year of ninja turtle stickers, lego fortresses, and countless visits from the tooth fairy. By far this was the most exciting time of my life. I had many years of elementary left to explore. One day this all changed when the gingerbread man came along. It was during the time of christmas and candy canes and sugar plums. Our class made a gingerbread man, me and my friend col y were in charge in putting the his gum drop buttons on. Me and my friends were talking about how what would happen if he came alive and who would be the fastest to catch him-- my teacher …show more content…

All during recess we played gingerbread many tagg which was just tag but with the word gingerbread man --- when we came back my teacher told our class something that know one believe actually happened the gingerbread man ran away. We all screamed and had no idea what to do and then our teacher has the best idea to try and find him under the school since he left us clues -- as we made in back to the class a later came in. the entire class stopped and our teacher in our kind princess voice said, ¨hi who are you here for she said.”she was different from our teachers colorful dress . she was in all gray and had a big book in her hand. “I need Ryan Bochinski.¨ i thought but why would she need me,? Can't she see we are in the middle of a gingerbread man hunt. I slowly dragged me feet outside until i left the all clowfull classroom to the narrow white hallway that was outside my classroom --- as we walked the classroom i saw me classmates go down the art wing to look for the gingerbread man. I couldn't believe i'm missing the gingerbread man hunt with all my friends . i'm

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