How Did Randall Plc Pay The Original Contract?

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Randall Plc has sold and delivered 1000 widgets per month to Hopkirk Plc for the last three years. There have been numerous changes agreed by both parties within the time frame. All changes have been subject to the agreement of both parties in which suited the opposing party at the time of amendment. The original contact saw that 1000 widgets would be exchanged and delivered for £3000 per month. Delivery to take place on 1st of each month and payment on the 15th of each month. There is no evidence to suggest that all changes that have been made to the contract have been written down and a legal binding document is available for both parties updated with the changes. This could affect the ruling of the case as several agreements were changed…show more content…
This case saw the landlord’s payments go back up for future payments only and wasn’t refunded the differences between what the landlord wanted and what he asked for, which is why this case will follow suit. Randall Plc are unable to claim the previous funds back from Hopkirk Plc, but it could be agreed that there is no reason Hopkirk Plc shouldn’t be viable to pay the original contract amount agreed of £3000 for the future. The court could dismiss Randall’s claim to re-gain £1000 per month from Hopkirk Plc. It could be agreed that future payments will be at a rate of the original fixed price of £3,000 until the contract has been reviewed and discussed and agreed by both parties which a court could suggests is corrected before the termination date 2019. It is possible that a court would suggest a new contract should be written up and relevant clauses will need to be added in and agreed by both…show more content…
There is no mention that Hopkirk Plc had any issues now or in the past with the contract being amended in this way. It should take into account that consideration was taken on Hopkirk Plc behalf to meet the needs of Randall Plc however, as noted previously this did not affect the running of Hopkirk Plc in anyway as Hopkirk Plc was still receiving the same amount as previously stated in the original contract. There is nothing within the contract which shows Hopkirk Plc finding this to be a burden on their business and their operations. It could be argued that this would have made the businesses operation run more easily as there is less deliveries for Hopkirk Plc to handle however, it could also be argued that this would make Randall Plc business operations

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