How Did Globalization Affect Globalization?

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Throughout the cause of history, many civilizations developed a great desire for goods and wealth. To achieve this desirable taste of wealth and fortunes, different civilization sought to expand their territories by interacting with other groups of people outside homeland which in some way pushed the economic system towards globalization and also affected globalization. The lights of globalization, that is the period where people, ideas and goods spread throughout the world, spurring more interaction and integration between different cultures, government and economies, could be seen during the expansion of the Mongol civilization connecting Afro-Eurasia. The nomadic tribe (Mongols) has been one of the important civilization to affect globalization.…show more content…
Because they traded with Ottoman empire, the Portuguese were able to ease their way into European trade. They also widened their quest for trade by expanding further to the Indian ocean and the coast of Africa. Vasco da Gamma; a Portuguese sailor who became the first European to find all water route to India, voyage to India resulted in founding several Portuguese colonies in Asia and a great change in spice trade. Meanwhile Prince Henry the navigator; a Portuguese explorer sent his expedition team to the explore west coast of Africa. Their clash with the Africans helped spread Christianity and improved cultural diffusion. Through their exploration, they made contact with Congo which was the largest state at the time in west central Africa. They traded with them through exchange of commodities. The king of Congo will send emissaries to Portugal in return for European goods and Catholic Priests. They converted the people of Congo into Christians. These inter-cultural diffusions caused globalization to take a different route in world…show more content…
Such riots were caused by the Portuguese eagerness for spice from the Indians which they had nothing to exchange for. In Africa, European expeditions will be the beginning the transatlantic slave trade. The Portuguese imported African slave to work on their sugar plantation. These slaves were more a less considered not human due to the treatment they received from their masters (Europeans). They were lined up with coffles around the neck and whipped as they match to the slave ship for transport to Europe. There was an estimated death rate of 15 percent. When slaves arrive in Europe, they were sold to the Americas. The high demand for labor in the Americas resulted in the selling of African slave. This caused the triangular slave trade between these three continent Africa, Europe and the Americas. They worked on the plantations were considered as commodities as they were sometimes put on auction blocks for buyers. They were also branded to show where they belong and who their master is. The slave trade resulted in the decline and fall of the African kingdoms. Many homes fell apart due to the European contact with many African empires. The king of Congo Nzinga Mbemba expresses his concern of the slave trade to the king of Portugal in a polite way through writing stating how their kingdom is destabilizing through taking and selling their people as
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