Homelessness In Homeless Society

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“Shepherding the homeless to the outskirts of cities and overcrowded prisons reveals something troubling about America’s pathos. Just as our institutions have fallen into decadence, so too have our social mores and our capacity to empathize with the less fortunate. Too often we would rather render the homeless invisible, repudiate them as mentally ill or criminal, than confront them for what they represent: the lingering inequities that gnaw at American democracy” (Sethi 2). American society’s tendency to paint a negative portrait of the homeless is allowing for the mistreatment and lack of concern for disadvantaged citizens, despite society being a causal part in the existence of homelessness. In the article titled “Let Them Eat Code”,…show more content…
Cultural differences within society add to non-homeless citizens lack of concern or urgency to assist the homeless. Those from in prominent society tend to struggle with connecting to disadvantaged individuals such as disabled war veterans or individuals within urban failing communities, which struggle in offering those citizens proper education, jobs, and government assistance. In Ralph da Costa Nunez article in the Huffington Post, he discusses how minorities have a higher rate of homelessness. He states, “In 2010, nearly one-quarter (23.3 percent) of blacks families lived in poverty three times the rate of white families (7.1)” (Nunez 1). Nunez explains that minorities especially Blacks face homelessness more because of residential segregation which isolates minorities in impoverished areas and less educational opportunities in poor urban communities, which makes obtaining a job for Blacks very difficult (Nunez 1). Veterans also face similar struggles as minorities in finding employment and healthcare assistance after returning from

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