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Alan Sitomer’s newest fast paced novel Homeboyz is a hardcore suspense story that will immediately put readers on the edge and leave them breathless in the end. Sitomer’s character, Teddy ‘T-Bear’ Anderson is an aloof seventeen year old that doesn’t care for anything other than to avenge his innocent fourteen year old sister Tina’s death, by targeting the infamous gang members of his city. As Teddy’s family mourns and his mother falls into a deep depression, his father Mr. Anderson, also known as Pops attempts to run the dysfunctional ailing household and his linen delivery company by himself. While Teddy observes his family, his desire to seek revenge grows stronger each day until he finally uses his extraordinary visionary skills to come up with a plan.

It wasn’t long before Teddy officially put his lethal plan in action by catching a trio of off guard 0-1-0’s (one of the three local notorious gangs) hanging outside a convenience mart and by perfectly timing the routine of passing police exactly, he was more than ready to strike. Using apparent drugs and a large sum of money, Teddy was able to lure the gang members into a vacant lot, faking as if he were a successful drug dealer with no gang afflictions. As the trio became more incited by the drugs and comfortable with him, DHC (the base ingredient of pepper spray) was blown into one gang members eyes. While in a surprised daze a smaller member received a hard blow in his windpipe, disabling his breathing. Then suddenly Teddy threw a kerosene filled balloon at the third, threatened him with a lighter, and demanded answers about his sister’s shooting.

At first the third gangster refused to provide answers, but seeing his fellow gang members lying helpless on the ground, the gas drench teen now realized he was alone to face Teddy. The terrified teen started to cooperate and provide answers even though they weren’t helpful to Teddy, trying to prove to him that the 0-1-0’s weren’t responsible for the murder. Teddy’s strong sense of pride prevented him from believing the truthful gangster. While beginning to ignite his lighter, Teddy’s plan was unexpectedly foiled by the convenience store owner who came outside to inspect the screaming, and warn Teddy he had informed the police. Within minutes Teddy was taken into custody, and charged with multiple offenses.

Unexpectedly due to Teddy’s high intellect he is released on probation to G-PIP (a gang prevention intervention program).

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