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This research paper analyzes data from case studies and peer reviewed articles to examine, whether home schoolers who are educated away from the public school are able attain the expected higher academic standards comparable to public school students (PSS). Additionally, socialization, which has plagued homeschoolers will be considered to be a part of this research., Subsequently, the search for answers about the homeschooling success had becomebecame more difficult, due to the abundance of misrepresented information and public opinions. Historically, Finally, those who have a basic knowledge of the homeschooling community, developed their assumptions based on limited exposure with parents who homeschooled. Unfortunately, parents who chose homeschooling risked ridicule, discrimination, defamation, and character assassination by those who didn’t understand their reasoning to abandon tradition public schooling. parents are considered educationally unqualified to teach their children on a scholarly level. Notwithstanding, this research asserts that parents are highly educated and qualified to homeschool, because homeschoolers demonstrated through standardized achievement test scores, and exceeded national standards. Additionally, homeschool student were found to be equal or more socially oriented than public school students, a result of habitual exposure and personal interaction in civil activities.
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
Homeschool Student (HS)
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
Public School Student (PSS)
U.S. Board of Education (USBE)

According to Kleinman (2008), the California judicial system held that "Parents do not have a constitutional right to homesch...

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