History of Rastafari

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History of Rastafari There are many misconceptions regarding the Rastafarian movement. These misconceptions have helped to fuel the fire of ignorance, which has lead, many to believe that Rastafarians are "heathen", "cult worshippers", "devil priest", "anti-Christ", "paganistic", "cannibalistic", "long haired", "witch doctors" who are to be feared and not trusted by anyone. These statements are far from the truth and absolutely have no credence. Many people question Rastafarians as to why, how, and when did the movement start? Rastafarians explain that Africans started the movement in the diaspora as an attempt to recapture and sustain the African dignity and culture as an alternative method to colonization and oppressive means of rulership by the European colonial powers during the post slavery era at the dawn of the 20th century. Picture colonial Jamaica of the 1930's, an axis of 400 years of exploitation of the masses in the name of the "motherland" England, a Crown colony maintained by the then British ruling class. Social rituals founded upon Anglo-Saxon ethics of church, state, morality, education and finance (social or otherwise) there on the island as in other colonies were nothing more than Britain removed to the Caribbean, "chips off the old block". Colonial society by then was socially and financially ordered according to "class and station" of White, Chinese, Syrian, Black, Jewish, Indian and Creole, down to the rock bottom dispossession of the Black suffering masses. Thus it was upon the poor Black psyche that the initial outpourings of the spirit of Rastafari was accepted and taken to heart; it offered salvation to those whose lot was little better than nothing - poverty in the extreme wi... ... middle of paper ... ...sized Exodus from Babylon; the return to the righteous way of life and living. MOUNT ZION: This is the citadel and dwellings place of Jah in Ithiopia. Mount Zion is where the Rastafari were when the Creator's first fruits dwelt with the Almighty in former times before setting out on the 7,000 years journey for truth and right trodding through several Incarnations. Only the righteous will live in Mount Zion, sealed by the covenant to the Almighty. Israel will dwell in Zion, but only the most righteous (144,000) chosen ones will live in Mount Zion, which is reserved for Jah's specially chosen sons and daughters. The most upright elders and Priest9 will reign with the Almighty, the Most High, around about his Rainbow circle throne. The steadfast will dwell in Mount Zion and the great crowd of Afrikans and remnants of other races will dwell in the hola land of Zion.
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