History of Jediism the Religion

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History of Jediism Jedi Religion or Jediism is a religious tradition inspired by the hit Star Wars films created by George Lucas. This religion is said to be a more modern adaptations of Taoism and Buddhism. This tradition is not a group of Star Wars role players, but more so a true religion that believes in Peace, Justice, Love, Learning and Benevolence. They live in a way to truly adhere to Peace, and make every effort to ensure that their beliefs do not conflict with other religions and their traditions. Jedi believe in the Force, a term used in the Star Wars films. Followers of this tradition believe that with practice, humans can tap into this energy to reach their full potential in life. This energy is believed to flow through all things and binds the universe together. With such energy, members of the religion tend to view themselves as guardians who are more prone to truth, knowledge, and justice and make a conscious effort to promote such a lifestyle. Some of those who adhere to Jediism prefer to not call it a “Religion” per say, but perhaps a philosophy, personal developme...

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