A Spiritual Journey In The Film 'To The Land Of Bliss'

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The film, To The Land of Bliss, takes place in modern China. The narrator explains that she is Chinese; she left and came back on a spiritual journey. The film portrays the life and death of Buddhists. The goal in any Buddhists life is to ultimately reach the path to Nirvana. They must be taught the recognition and awareness of suffering is the first step onto the path to Nirvana. To anyone who practices Buddhism, Nirvana is absolutely sacred to them. Buddha-nature is found through meditation because it is a happy state. To ascend to the path of Nirvana, you must see the truth in things. To The Land of Bliss, the master proposes that he will die the second day of the current month and he did. The women gather around crying because…show more content…
It is crucial for them to find the secret of enlightenment in the present world. For both the film, To The Land of Bliss and the book, The Sacred Quest, every Buddhist must do good deeds, believe in the dharma, and to understand life is temporary. Good deeds in life will give you good outcomes yet, wrongful actions will result in karma and can ruin anyone’s chances of attaining their goal. Buddhists must believe in the dharma which are simply the Buddha’s teachings. Life being temporary is true for everyone, in every religion. Buddhists interpret this differently because they understand life is temporary but have joy when someone passes. They must believe their soul is permanent and that it will live…show more content…
It is something people are usually born into based off of their parents religion. In Buddhism specifically, Buddha teaches with a great passion for everyone to succeed in life and attain Nirvana. There is such passion with being a Buddhist, they do not do specific things for anyone else but themselves. Their deeds are what will guide them to their life goal. They worship Buddha’s teachings because it is morally right. The ways they think, feel, and live are based on certain principles taught by Buddha in result of where they will end up in the afterlife. Of course they all want to be saved and enter Nirvana. Buddhists must break the karma and not be reborn into the world. Salvation for Buddhists is enlightenment. “The danger is ignorance, and salvation lies in insight” (Kelsay 134). They have to ignore the outside danger, ignore everyone around them and focus on themselves. Once Buddhists find who they are, they are one step closer to saving themselves and reaching the blissful land of
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