History: The Gladiators In Ancient Rome

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The Roman Gladiator
History shows competition in the form of war, games and political ventures as early as recorded history. The Roman Gladiators were a unique example of this competition during the Roman Empire. Through studying the gladiators one can see how the competition influenced politics, games, human lives and the culture. However many of these influences changed throughout time to better suit the changing society.
The Roman culture was greatly influenced by the gladiators. The gladiators fought in the colosseum which was the central form of entertainment during the roman era. All walks of life would come to see gladiators fight against vicious beasts such as lions or other gladiators. I am sure you have seen the pictures of the great
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It was entertainment for the people of Rome and their politicians. The gladiators themselves were prisoners of war and criminals of Rome. Romans fell in love with the blood and gore of the battles. Men and women of Rome then went to training schools to participate in this beloved event. The events themselves were to praise the rulers. They held sacrifices of animals in the Colosseum to honor rulers on special occasions. The events also brought little wealth to the government. The Colosseum could hold about 50,000 adult men, but all tickets were free. All in all, the gladiatorial events were a gory pastime for the Romans. Romans craved war and expansion. During times of “peace”, this was their go…show more content…
This is actually wrong. The gladiators themselves weren’t always slaves. Roman men themselves would go to special fighting schools to participate in these events. Women were even allowed to fight. Gladiatorial bouts originated from funeral ceremonies. Rich, noble families would have slaves or convicts fight to the death. This fight represented the virtue that the dead person once had. Gladiators didn’t always fight to the death. Hollywood has given the society this spin on the Roman Gladiator. Contests were usually between two men who possessed the same size and skill. It is also thought that referees oversaw the fight and ended it when one was seriously injured. Fights could also end in a draw if the crowd got bored. Gladiators could even leave the arena honorably if they put up a good show. The famous “thumbs down” sign originated from the Ancient Romans as well. This sign is believed to not be a symbol of death upon a gladiator, rather than a symbol of mercy. Crowds could decide the fate of the losing gladiator. Gladiators rarely fought animals. The events were categorized as “hunts”. Special warriors would fight anything from a deer and wild dogs to elephants and bears. Several Roman emperors even participated in these famous bouts. These fights were commonly rigged so the emperor himself could wow the people and not be killed in combat. Emperors
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