Failures and Implications of Oslo Peace Accords

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The Oslo Peace Accords were an agreement signed by the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Yasser Arafat and the Government of Israel under the leadership of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The agreements goal was to create a path towards peace and stability in the between the Palestinians and the Israel’s living in the area surrounding Israel. Despite the agreement’s noble goal the vision fell short and ended with Palestine*(getting shafted?.) This was caused by of Arafat’s weakened political position that allowed Rabin to get a strong political deal that allowed Israel to benefit from the Oslo Peace Accords and their implantation, this imbalance was then heightened with the election of Netanyahu as the President of Israel. …show more content…

First starting with the mutual recognition as political entities and through the interim period build trust and inter reliance needed for administrative and security arrangements. The hope was that through this process Israel and Palestine could build the momentum to tackle the more sensitive issues, referred to as “final status issues.” Among these difficult and complex issues were the borders and status of a Palestinian State, the claims and repatriation of Palestinian refugees, the fate of the Jewish settlements, and the disposition of East Jerusalem. While it may seem counter intuitive the Oslo Peace Accords did not actually address any of these issues. This was due to its purpose as a way to build the political framework that would allow for later negotiations and not as a permeant peace solution for the region. By understanding what each group wanted out of the Oslo Peace Accords one can begin to see why it favoured Israel. The Oslo Peace Accords managed to satisfy all of Israel’s demand; recognition, refusal of terrorism, and suspended calls for destruction. The agreement was “so close to Israel’s preferred solution that it would have made no sense to risk seeking a better deal with the local Palestinians” By comparing this to the effect it had on the PLO in Palestine we get a clear picture of why Israel benefited more from the Peace

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