History Of Boyband Hysteria

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Rosemary Leger Feature Story Draft Boyband Hysteria & Why It’s Okay “Music is my religion.” Jimi Hendrix put a common feeling into the most relatable of words. Music is a uniting force; it brings people together emotionally and physically. People subscribe to the beliefs and lyrics of their favorite artists and performersas if they were a higher power. There is no better experience for a musician’s disciples than a live concert. For decades fans have followed bands and singers, to numerous shows and tours and around the world. In few instances this following gets out of hand, and the mere appearance of the star causes chaos, mobs and physical illness among fans. This special hysteria is brought about by none other than a boy band. Boy bands are a trend in the music industry that will always prevail. The past six decades have produced countless scream-worthy boy bands. Micelle Liew wrote an article in 2013 on the psyche of teenage girls and their fascination with boy bands, and included in it a chronology of boy bands through the years. The list begins in the 1950s with Bill Haley and the Comets. Bill Haley has been referred to as one of many founding fathers of rock and roll, famously writing Rock Around the Clock. In that day, couples and teenagers went out dancing to Bill Haley and the Comets and these activities began the youth’s fascination with rock n’ roll. Next was the most important of music’s time- Beatlemania in the ‘60s. A group of boys from Liverpool had an attendance of 15 people at their first concert, and continued to lead the world into a whole new era of music. Accompanying the Beatles for the 1960s were The Beach Boys. They carried a light harmonic sound that was perfect for the beach. The following decade ... ... middle of paper ... ... a performance. Perhaps the male reaction to sports is an entirely different study, but the characteristics are definitely parallel. The hysteria that comes along with the appearance of a boy band or popular singer has puzzled older generations for ages. For the girls who feel this giddiness, it’s also a feeling of familiarity. They follow the boys on social media every day. They find pictures of where they are or what they’re doing hourly. The hours of video and pages of interviews they have studied about them are not only a hobby but an escape. Pre- and adolescent girls today have a lot of pressure and expectations. Getting to know five boys who love them unconditionally is comforting. Of course when they are placed right in front of them in the flesh, it’s a hard moment to believe; to believe that these boys who may have very literally saved their lives are real.

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