History And Need For Ilm-Ul-Usul.

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Allah (SWT) created mankind and gave him an intellect. Man has been left free to choose his own goal, his own way of life, which will either take him towards the right path, the path of obedience towards Allah (SWT) or the path of wretchedness, the path of disobedience and sinning towards Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) has sent down a set of laws “Shariah” for mankind to follow. Submission is unconditional obedience to Allah (SWT) and it is one’s duty to follow the Islamic Laws.

A Believer of Allah (SWT) submitting himself to the religion of Allah (SWT) Islam knows that for every action done by him in this world, he is accountable to his Creator. A slave of Allah (SWT) should, therefore, understand the laws of Islam (Shariah) in order to lead a life accordingly, which is acceptable to his Creator. He should, therefore, be able to in his personal practical life as well as with his relation to others have knowledge of the Islamic laws to be able to know what one has to do and not to do in any circumstance he is put in.

Now to be able to have knowledge of all this one needs to have complete acquaintance of the Islamic Laws. One has to know what satisfies Allah (SWT) and what brings about his discontent. Had the laws of Islam been clear and easy to understand, as to what is obligatory, forbidden and permissible it would have been very easy for one to lead his life as he deemed fit for him.

It is very difficult for a layman to make a decision based on the understanding of Islamic Law. Sometimes the laws appear to be complicated and we need guidance in such cases. During the times of the Holy Prophet (SAW) people living in close proximity used to hear the laws directly from the Holy Prophet (SAW) and fully understand their texts. The Holy Prophet (SAW)’s family and companions observed him. They shared with others exactly what they had seen in the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s words and behaviour. For example how he performed ablutions, how he prayed and how he performed other acts of worship. If they had any queries, they did not have to question the law as it was coming directly from the Holy Prophet (SAW) on whose truthfulness one had no doubt.
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